cyber Tips and Tricks to Design an Effective Website Display for Beginners

Tips and Tricks to Design an Effective Website Display for Beginners


Tips and Tricks to Design an Effective Website Display for Beginners

For beginner bloggers, maybe now they are confused about how to increase website traffic. Actually the source of the problem can be solved easily. In fact, so that you have a website that has traffic, you have to pay attention to a number of things that are a factor of satisfaction on the UX or user experience side when something is a website that can attract visitors and increase traffic on the website.

Some of the ways include presenting quality, unique content and being able to provide solutions for visitors. Even though implementing it is not as easy as saying it, so you should try some tips by knowing other factors that can make website visitors like to linger on your website, namely by providing an attractive and unique website design appearance.

This needs to be done because the most important thing when designing a website is to pay attention to the layout of each menu and the navigation in it. Therefore, consider the following tips for designing an effective website for beginners.

1. Using the right web hosting

Before you design a website, you must first make sure you are using the right hosting. pay attention to the quality of hosting because it can affect the quality of the website as well. You can make it easier to manage website design if the hosting quality is getting better. Choose a hosting that has a complete service. So if the website encounters a problem, it can be handled quickly.

Also choose a hosting that offers many additional features that can make it easier for you to create a website, whether the automatic backup feature. try to use a hosting that has a knowledge base menu so you can access the information you need at any time directly. Then after that you can adjust the wasting with a compatible platform to create a website.

2. Download the tools that suit the needs of the website

Usually the platform that many beginners choose is WordPress. Now that you have downloaded WordPress, then you need to activate some additional tasks needed to design a website. First of all, choose a template or theme that adapts to the concept of the website that has been designed.

WordPress itself has a variety of themes that can be used for free and paid. First, use a free theme for beginners, you can read user reviews and pay attention to updates from the theme to find the right theme to use on the website. If you have found the right one then you can install and activate it. Don't forget to also download the plugin because the plugin can help you design a website with various features that give you the flexibility to modify the website.

3. Prepare mockups and prototype designs

Next you have to prepare a mockup and prototype of the website design that you want to build. You can start by placing the various important elements that you want to display. Some of the important elements that will be displayed are layout, color choices, fonts, navigation, empty space, search buttons and others.

After that, prepare the prototype by transferring the design sketch in the form of hand-held land to digital form on the computer. The prototype can be directly formed through the help of the website builder plugin that has been downloaded. Do it gradually and don't be in a hurry to make it so you can get the best website design results.

4. Check the design view on mobile devices

After everything is done, you must check the appearance of the website on a mobile device such as using a Smartphone. Because the level of optimization in SEO is also influenced by a mobile friendly website. Thus the website can be accessed faster on mobile devices so that visitors can feel the breadth when browsing your website and provide a low bounce rate.

These are tips that are quite effective for designing the appearance of the website so that your website traffic also increases and they feel comfortable when reading and browsing your site. Hope it is useful!

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