cyber Tips for Determining a Trusted Zombie Blog

Tips for Determining a Trusted Zombie Blog


Tips for Determining a Trusted Zombie Blog

Nowadays hunting for zombie blogs is not an easy thing because most bloggers who already know the advantages of zombie blogs are scrambling to collect as many zombie blogs as possible. That's why the existence of good zombie blogs is now dwindling and it is very difficult to find them. This is because zombie blogs are believed to be superior, so there is nothing wrong if you are also interested in collecting some of them. Zombie blog is a term used for free domains that have previously been used in the creation of a blog. However, for various reasons, the domain was unfortunately deleted, but everything related to the blog is actually still alive and can be reused.

Belagu zombies have many advantages, not only can it be a source of powerful backlinks, but zombie blogs are also claimed to be used as a main blog or money site. This can certainly help you generate money more quickly and easily instead of building a fresh blog that doesn't have anything. But before that there are some things to consider, you should also check before resurrecting or registering a found zombie blog.

This is because not all available zombies are safe and of good quality. So if you are interested in having a zombie blog that is used for a number of purposes, then you have to make sure that the zombie site is well optimized. Then how? Check out a review of tips for determining the following trusted zombie blogs.

Tips for Determining a Quality and Trusted Zombie Blog

To find out the zombies you want to re-register are safe and have good quality or not, then you have to do some tips first. The tips are as follows.

1. Check first the Zombie plant has a good level or not

Indeed, currently Google Page Rank is no longer available, but instead, you can check whether the domain is of good quality or not by checking the values ​​in the DA or Domain Authority and PA (Page Authority) it has.

2. Checking how many total backlinks are in the stretcher

Most zombie blogs already have high DA and PA, so of course have some backlinks. There are those who only have a few, hundreds and even zombie blogs that already have thousands of backlinks. The more backlinks a zombie blog has, the better. In addition, do not forget to also pay attention to a few percent of the quality.

3. Pay attention to how the reputation of the Zombie blog

You have to make sure that previously the zombie blog site that you want to re-register is not a malicious site or a spam site, especially if you have the goal of resurrecting the zombie blog to be used as a money site.

4. Nice URL or name or optional

If possible, then try to choose a zombie blog that has a good URL, easy to read, easy to remember and the niche is in accordance with your abilities. For the third and fourth points, you can actually skip it if you only want to use it until it is a supporter of the main blog so that its performance is getting better in the SERP.

So, those are some tips that can be done to determine if the Zombie blog is trusted and has good quality. Hope it is useful!

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