cyber Tips for Determining Images for Blog Posts

Tips for Determining Images for Blog Posts

Tips for Determining Images for Blog Posts

In order to attract attention and make visitors not get bored quickly when browsing websites to improve the SEO quality of an article, a blogger should post a number of images that are appropriate to support the published article, at least you put 1 image.

But try to balance between the number of articles and photos used. If the blog posts that are posted are too monotonous, it will certainly make visitors bored when reading them. But if you post too many pictures, then the function of the article becomes unfocused and turns into a portfolio instead of a blog, so you have to adjust your needs and consider the balance of articles on the blog.

But there are some things that need to be properly considered. This is so that the insertion of the image can be achieved. So don't let the pictures posted in the article make things worse, so they don't have a positive effect. But you should not worry, because we will provide some tips that can be applied when posting images in articles. What's wrong? Check out the full review below.

1. Use photos or images that are tailored to the content

You can't just post an image on a blog by using an image that has nothing to do with the content of the article. Because this can disappoint visitors who are reading articles so that it has a bad effect on the website. So always insert images that match the content of the article posted.

2. Maintain the originality of the image

You should always try to use images that don't have copyright, how to make your own images. If you have to use images available on the internet, then you have to make sure that the photos are free first and that the pattern has not been widely used by other bloggers. Actually there is an easy trick that can be done to get free images.

The trick is to make screenshots. So if you really don't have an idea, you can download interesting photos related to article content that is widely spread on the internet, then screenshot the photo and try to edit the image first so you don't get copyright claims. Or you can also give credit to the source if the photo is copyrighted.

3. Use the right size

The next tip is to determine the image you want to post on the blog, then you must use an image that has a proportional size. Make sure the size of the image is right so it's not too big and not too small. Because if the image size is too large, it can cause heavy article loading and can cause visitors to run away before the website is finished loading.

But if the posted image is too small, the image will be difficult to index or even visitors will be less interested in reading and viewing articles. You can try to reduce the image file size so that it is not too heavy when the blog is loading. To solve this problem, use a compress image first before the image is uploaded.

Those are some tips that can be used to determine the images to be posted to support the writing on blog articles. Basically these tips are not difficult to do and can be practiced easily. After applying some of the tips above you can see positive results in the future. Hopefully useful and good luck!

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