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Latest Website Security Tips


Latest Website Security Tips

As a blog writer on a website page, of course you want your website to be protected and always safe from things that can be detrimental in the future. For those of you who use WordPress, you need to know that at least every minute WordPress can experience approximately 90 thousand attacks. Those who have bad intentions on the website usually target the personal data of visitors to a website, sell illegal goods secretly and even steal money through transaction processes carried out in internet history.
In addition, hackers also try not to waste the opportunity if they find a security hole that can be broken into so that the situation is used as a secret door that can give them the advantage to attack again someday. If this condition occurs on your website, of course it will be a very terrible nightmare. But fortunately there are still various ways to prevent this from happening by increasing the security of the website. So that your website is more secure, consider the following tips to improve the security of the latest website.

1. Make sure that the hosting used is guaranteed safe

The first tip that is quite important and should not be missed is to ensure that the hosting used is guaranteed secure. Because if the hosting used to manage the website is not safe, then it's useless to apply various other methods. So you should not be wrong in choosing web hosting. Make sure that the hosting that is applied to the website is accompanied by extra security that can protect at any time so that the website is protected from hacker attacks, dangerous viruses and malware.

2. Added security plugin

A newly created website without a security plugin is likened to a house without a key or lock. Because these conditions can allow foreigners to enter at will. So it can be said that installing a security plugin is a must-do tip on a newly created website. There are a number of different types of security plugins that can be added to the website. Some can be used for free and some are required to pay if you want to have a complete service. The choice is returned to your ability and needs to protect the website.

3. Don't forget to update the website with the latest version

If there is a notification about the latest version of WordPress, then don't leave it alone. Starting from the dashboard theme so that the security plugin must always be updated for website security. Because updating the latest version of the website can improve security better in addition to adding new, more interesting features. So from now on you should not let the website not be updated with the latest version.

4. Install SSL

SSL is now an integral component of the website. SSL which makes the security of data exchange between visitors and the website guaranteed. This is likened to when a visitor requires him to enter personal data such as a credit card number, then SSL will be in charge of encrypting this important data so that it is not detected by hackers. This is because hackers do not have a "key" that can be used to open the data encryption padlock.

5. Create a username and password that is not easy to guess

These tips are basic when creating a website username and password. By creating a username and password that is not easy to guess, hackers cannot get your login information even if you use a brute force attack. Combine capital letters, numbers, and symbols to create strong usernames and passwords.

Those are a series of tips that can be done to improve the security of the latest website. Hope it is useful!

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